The ultimate
football experience

  • 260º field of view
  • All Weather
  • High Performance

The NF7 line brings the innovation in robotic body mechanics. Unfettered performance in any field condition.

  • Motion control sensors
  • Advanced cognitive functions

A state-of-art motion control system with built in preset modes.

Quick to setup and calibrate.

  • Competition and training mode
  • 100% safe for human interaction
  • Impact absorbing materials

Different body types for Defence and Attack coming soon.

  • Unparalleled stats

The NF7 is designed to perform in ways never expected from an athlete before. A remarkable technology to be available in selected stores only.

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Film Credits

  • Marcus Alqueres
    Written, Directed, Produced, Edited and Shot
  • Roger Lima White Noise Lab
    Score and Sound FX
  • Marcus Alqueres, João Sita, Fernando Faria
    Visual Effects
  • Marco Teixeira
    NF7 Concept Art
  • Marcus Alqueres, Julian Van Mil
    A/B Camera
  • Vini Nascimento, Tendril
    Special Thanks
  • Mark A. Brown
    Commentator VO
  • Athlete
    Tyler Sarry

Interactive Credits